Thursday, December 11, 2008

My first Blog. Ever.

So about a century after blogs came to exist, I finally get it. Since it took me so long to even learn what a blog is, I never thought I, myself, would become a blogger. But I figure when my children are adults and my memory is on the downhill slope, these are the years that I will most want to remember. Hence, "Life With Noah & Penélope" has begun. My goal is to chronicle all of the adorable, funny and unbelievable things my kiddos do as they grow, and the lessons I learn along the way. And, of course, to keep family and friends updated with photos (and maybe even videos if I become very ambitious)!

I attended yoga class this past Monday. The instructor talked about how the poses are all about finding balance. Some days you balance with ease, and other days you have a harder time. And that is perfectly normal and okay. Her statement really spoke to me as I thought about parenthood and the juggling act that it is. Balance between the attention given to each child, housework, and the guilt that I feel when I fail to balance my time and attention appropriately (meaning less Blues Clues and more engaging activities with Mommy). Balance. Some days I have it, some days I don't. And that is perfectly normal and okay.

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  1. I look forward to enjoying your blog, I'm so glad you decided to document this journey. So true about balance... I hope you enjoy yoga, it's made a big difference in my life. Love you!