Thursday, March 12, 2009

Remember This.

1. Yesterday at a group playdate, Noah approached another mom (Lily) whose build/hair are similar to mine. He looked her right in the face, said "Mommy," grabbed her hand and started pulling her to where he wanted to go. It took me a few seconds to realize that he thought she was me! When I finally got his attention, he stopped and gave Lily an accusatory look, as if to say, "Imposter!" It was so funny and cute, and also surprising that he could so easily mistake someone else for me. Toddlerhood is tough, I tell ya!

2. One way that Noah soothes himself is by rubbing my arms and elbows. He doesn't like it when I'm wearing long sleeves. Today, I was wearing a little hoodie sweater over my shirt and he came over and unzipped it. I thought he just liked playing with the zipper, but then he started pulling the sleeves off. He took it completely off and threw it on the floor. I still thought he was just playing, but then he immediately stepped over and started to rub my arm. I love it that I am his "lovey" rather than some blanket or stuffed animal. It makes me feel so close to him. To me, it epitomizes motherhood.

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