Thursday, June 24, 2010

New Stuff to Remember

So it seems I have a new animal/insect/arachnid rights activist in my home. We have always battled itsy-bitsy spiders, and sometimes not-so-itsy ones. So naturally, my first instinct when I see one is to kill, I mean remove it. Well now one of these eight-legged thorns in my side has become a "pet." Noah found it yesterday and immediately ran up to me, insisting "DON'T kill it Mom, it's a nice spider. He's my friend." I guess he was still traumatized by the last one I smushed and his protective instinct kicked in. I am proud of my son, but also completely defeated by the loss of this long-standing battle. Although - I wonder how long spiders can survive in a can with no food or water...?

I thought Penelope had found her voice a long time ago, but she has reached new heights recently. I suppose it was inevitable. Along with every beautiful little girl, eventually comes a high-pitched screech/scream... right? I know I shouldn't be surprised, but it is really deafening! She was actually shushed by our grocery sacker yesterday... sorry! On a much cuter note, I was spying on her via baby monitor yesterday morning and she was so adorable with her babies. She was sitting up in her crib, hugging Curious George and patting it's head. Then she sat it down facing her, and began to feed it chicken nuggets, french fries and ice cream. What a nice mommy!

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