Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Things

I was recently tagged on Facebook to make a list of 25 things about myself. The list was fun and much easier than I thought it would be. In fact, I could have gone on to 100 and probably further! I guess it's pretty easy to talk about oneself. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to make lists for the kiddos. So here are my lists of 25 things about Noah and Penelope.

1. Loves anything having to do with sea creatures. Fish, sharks, turtles, sea horses, sting rays, bring it on!
2. Enjoys jumping.
3. Knows that he gets a happy meal after mommy exercises, and is already chanting "nuggets" on the way to the gym
4. Refuses to eat veggies.
5. Eats lot of fruit to make up for no veggies.
6. Gets to eat a Popsicle with Daddy every night after his bath
7. Is extremely ticklish
8. Loves to play hide and seek.
9. Has recently started wearing a backpack around the house all day (thanks to Dora the Explorer)
10. Can count all the way to 11
11. Can sing his abc's, although only mommy and daddy can probably understand
12. Loves ketchup
13. Hugs and loves his stuffed animals
14. Says "ragget" instead of "ribbit" for a frog sound
15. Tends to cut off the first syllable of every word ("ickles" instead of "tickles")
16. Loves playing with daddy more than anyone else in the world
17. Calls Penelope "aah-pee"
18. Loves to dance
19. Loves bubbles
20. Can identify the letters I, T, R, A, O and more!
21. Loves his pacifier
22. Is very good at sharing his toys
23. Has been on a plane (to NYC last year) two times
24. Has feet and hands just like his mommy's
25. Loves to reenact scenes from his favorites shows and movies

and Penelope...
1. Has the most adorable chuckle-laugh
2. Is also very ticklish
3. Screams like a banshee when she's really angry
4. Is big for her age
5. Sleeps great at night
6. Likes to have her ears cleaned with a q-tip. If she's fussy after a bath, this instantly calms her down
7. Refuses to drink from a bottle
8. Has great hand-eye coordination (for a 4-month old)
9. Adores Noah. She smiles and laughs whenever he pays attention to her
10. Has tons of hair on her head - enough for three babies!
11. Was born with an outie belly button, but it is now an innie
12. Will probably have her ears pierced soon (maybe...)
13. Cries hysterically whenever my neighbor, Liz, is around but is fine when Liz is holding her
14. Has a very girly voice
15. Has Daddy's feet
16. Smiles a lot
17. Is the youngest of 12 cousins on Daddy's side
18. Has been to the Houston Zoo and the Moody Gardens Aquarium
19. Already pays attention to the television
20. Screams and gets upset when she has gas
21. Prefers sitting up to lying down
22. Already wears 6-12 month size clothing
23. Drools constantly
24. Has the cutest little pout in her lower lip when she's upset
25. Is hard to make a list of 25 for since she's so young!


  1. This is a sweet list of things about your kiddos. You should be sure and save it to read to them when they are a little older. I bet they will love to hear all these things about themselves...at 5 but not at 15.

  2. Great Idea! I wish there was some way I could eventually convert this blog into a scrapbook for them to keep...