Friday, January 30, 2009

The Jumpy Jumpy

Noah, Penelope and I had a play date today at a indoor moonwalk gym (for lack of a better description). Or, as my step-mom calls them, the "jumpy jumpy." Noah impressed me so much with his bravery and independence. Normally, he won't jump without Mommy or Daddy and he most certainly has never climbed up to a slide all by himself! Yet another example of how my little toddler is becoming a big boy preschooler. Sigh.

Penelope had her four month doctors visit this week. Noah loves visiting Dr. Patti's office when it's not for him, b/c he gets a lollipop with no strings attached! Penny is growing beautifully. A bit too well actually! She's about 17 lbs and 26 inches. Wow! I really am convinced that 5 lbs of it is all in her cheeks.

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