Friday, December 11, 2009

November/December Catch-up...

Wow. November and December have literally gone by in a blur. Not that I'm making excuses for neglecting the blog, just sayin...

Thanksgiving was wonderful, made especially sweeter by a visit from Miss Nyla, Paulie and Yvette from New York. The kids are growing, learning and changing with each passing day. Penelope is picking up more words constantly. One of her favorites is "baby" which sounds more like "baybay." She loves to pick up any kind of doll or toy and hug it tight while she rocks it. She is sweet as honey. She's really into giving kisses, and even makes the "Muah" sound when she puckers up. She watches and mimics a lot of what big brother is doing, including sitting on the potty and turning her face away from us when we try to feed her. She much prefers feeding herself and is quite skilled with her utensils, thank-you-very-much!

Mr. Big Boy Underpants Noah is now only wearing diapers at night...!!! It's still a work in progress and he still fights me on it daily, but at this point I'm grateful for any small victory. I just have to breathe, and remember he's three... :) Noah loves Spongebob and pretty much all superheros... Wolverine, Hulk and Batman top the list. His favorite play activities now are either playing superheros, or pretending that we're running away from sharks. Boys will be boys!'

Noah's pronunciation of Penelope's name has really evolved. First it was "Ah-pee," and then it becamse "En-uh-pee" and now he has shortened it to "Enna" which I think is a cute little nickname. I wonder if it will stick?

We are really looking forward to Christmas as we do every year. This is the first year that Noah actually understands about the holiday. He loves pointing out Christmas trees and lights wherever we go. He sort of gets the whole Santa thing, and definitely understands about the gifts under the tree. Penelope is just happy to take ornaments off the tree every day. I find them EVERYWHERE.

Well that's November and December in a nutshell. I am not going to make any promises, but I will try to get another post in before year-end. Merry Christmas!

Miss Sassy Pants.
Pucker up, buttercup!
And one for you...Tandem bike riding.
The world's tiniest snowman on our Texas Blizzard day. He enjoyed the snow so much!
I found her just like this in the a.m. Houdini #2 in the making?
Striking a pose on Thanksgiving Day.
Can I get some help here? Anyone?
Fun with boxes.
His new friend, Lizard. This had to be the most chilled out lizard I ever met. It was perfectly content just hanging out on Noah's hand. He was crushed when it was time to let Lizard "go home to his mommy and daddy."
Better late than never! As promised, here are snaps of my oh-so-adorable sea creatures on Halloween. Penny the Octopus and Shark Noah.

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