Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Latest and Greatest

A couple of birthday parties...
Even superheroes need some play time.
He decided to take his nap in this spot...
Snack Time!!!
Penelope's first steps.
Just me, my Radio Flyer and the open road.
Happy birthday to Penelope!
Okay, so October has officially been a month of transformation and growth! The kids and I joined Aunt Gail, Uncle Bill and Aunt Donna for a lovely, relaxing vacation in Cape Hatteras during the last week of September. It was the best of times. We enjoyed it so much and I feel like I came home with different kids. I just love the milestones that have been reached by both of them. Goodness!
We celebrated Penelope's first birthday on September 24th. She took her first steps in Hatteras, but it was just over a week ago that she actually understood. One night, she just started walking around the room and was so excited that she didn't want to stop. It's so new that I am still a little surprised to see her walking into a room with that proud smile on her face. I am so excited for her. It is amazing to see the wonders of life through the eyes of my children.
Noah has lost all traces of shyness and is now in full preschooler mode. He is very social, never hesitating to speak to people everywhere we go. He loves making friends at the park. It's cool to see the change in him and I'm proud of him for having the confidence to be as friendly as he is.
This next thing, I'm SUPER excited about. It is something I have dreamed of, prayed for and lost pretty much all hope that it would ever happen. I even blogged about it prematurely (my version of the MISSION ACCOMPLISHED banner). But tonight, dear readers, NOAH USED THE POTTY!!!!!!! And I mean he really used it. Not just a few drops. And he was very excited. I know, I've already used the word "excited" like, a million times in this post. But seriously, it is all so exciting! There is no turning back this time. No relapsing. We are potty training! Oh, sorry. Potty learning. Must remember the PC term. :)
We went to Dewberry Farm yesterday and picked out pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. I wish I had photos to post but unfortunately we didn't realize our camera battery was dead until it was too late. I will, however, post one last photo of the pumpkins that we came home with. I can honestly say it's the best collection of pumpkins we've had so far. We are looking forward to Halloween this weekend, and I'll be sure to post pics of my munchkins in their costumes. I won't reveal what they are, but I promise it's going to be way cute. Stay tuned!

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  1. I enjoyed the update! Can't wait to see the halloween pictures of your cuties!