Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Looking Back

When I think of my relationship with God in terms of spiritual growth, I definitely feel "I have so much further to go" much more frequently than "wow, look how far I've come." So it's nice when I do experience those occasional moments when I can testify that yes, I have grown in my faith. Yesterday was one of those days when one thing after another just kept throwing a wrench in my plans - and on my birthday, no less! In addition to our celebratory plans for the day, we had long-held plans to visit my cousin in Austin early this morning. Just the kids and me. Before the road trip though, I needed to replace my worn tires. You see where this is headed. First my tires weren't shipped in time; then after getting past that hurdle with loaner tires, the car just flat out broke down! Old me would definitely have had a little huge tantrum about my plans being ruined. Current me had a different perspective. While I did miss the first little tap on my shoulder, when the second tap came I was quick to realize this trip was not in His plan. And just like that, it was so easy to accept and move on. I'm thankful for the grief and frustration that I was spared, especially after a somewhat stress and emotion-filled weekend. Obviously, I'm thankful we didn't break down in the middle of nowhere. Mostly though, I am grateful to have this little milestone to remind me of where I began, where I am now and where I am headed. All in the name of His precious son!

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