Thursday, April 2, 2009


Two exciting milestones this week! Penelope can now sit up unassisted. I do have to assist her into the sitting position, but she can stay there all by herself now. Of course I do have to be there to catch her when she starts falling headfirst in any direction. But still...

Also, she has cut her two first teeth (bottom front). This one is hard for me, because I think the gummy smile is oh-so irresistibly cute. You can't actually see them much, but you can definitely feel them! Yes, I found out the hard way.

Noah is all about posessions now. Everything is "mine"... My shark. My nuggets. My Buzz Lightyear. Mine, Mommy.

Yes, Noah. It is all yours. My heart included.

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  1. Have a great Easter weekend:) Tell Noah and Penelope that me and Drew Coo said hello!