Monday, April 27, 2009

First Sleepover, Sibling Love and Easter.

Noah had his first sleepover last weekend when his pal, Jackson, visited from San Antonio. I am close friends with Jackson's mommy, Jenny, so it was a fun time for all. Noah and Jackson had such a blast together!
Jackson will have a new little sister this June. Judging from how much he adores Penelope, I think he is going to be an awesome big brother!!!
Some recent snaps of Noah and Penelope. Gotta love the sibling bonding!
At first glance, the next two photos look exactly alike. I thought it was funny though, that in the first one, Noah is serious and Penelope is smiling. And in the next photo, vice-versa. Details only a mommy cares about? Probably, but it was too sweet not to share!
I usually choose the best photo from each series but I seriously could not decide between these three. They are each lovely in such different ways.
A couple of weeks ago, this bird built her nest in the gutter above our back door. She has a lovely teal lining around her eye, and does not seem threatened or bothered by us at all. In fact, she seems to enjoy observing us and even posed for photos. She is very serene. I have yet to go outside and find the nest empty, unlike the nest in the front yard that is almost always empty. She seems like such a devoted mommy. I have a feeling I'll miss her when she's gone.
Noah's best friends are his cousins, Gio, Brianna and Adrian. They had a ball together on Easter weekend. Brianna is such a little mommy, and Noah eats it up.
Toys and popsicles. Life is good.


  1. I was eagerly waiting the next update... I love that in both the bathtub pictures Noah has his eyes fixed on his lil sis! Looking forward to catching up Saturday!

  2. jenny moved to san antonio?! and she's pregnant again? wow.

    lovely pics. they are growing up fast! i can't blv how big jackson is already too!!