Sunday, January 4, 2009

Penguins and Clownfish and Sharks, Oh My!

This was Noah's third trip to Moody Gardens Aquarium and by FAR the most exciting yet. The most obvious reason is that Noah is older now. But also, he was recently turned onto a couple of movies of the sea creature variety - Happy Feet and Finding Nemo! Characters that we identified included Lovelace, Nemo, Dory, Mr. Ray, Crush and best of all, Bruce the shark! We all had a great time, even little Penelope!

He loved the hermit crabs in this tank.

I love this one. Noah was really mesmerized by the sharks.

In the shark cage...

"Sleeping with the fishes"

Sound asleep, yet still holding on tight to his shark and fish. These toys are about as close as he has come to a lovey.

This is a photo of the very first time that Penelope (sort of) sat up all by herself. With Nemo's help, of course.
Look at that grip! She actually picked this up all by herself and held onto it for several seconds. And only three months old!!!
Uncle Adam, 2nd Cousin Marcelo, Noah and 2nd Cousin Abby. Marcelo and Abby were visiting from San Antonio. Abby is so sweet and loving, she wouldn't let go of Noah the whole time she was here! He likes her a lot more than this picture makes it seem. :)
Finally! A handyman in the house!


  1. Oh you guys look like you had so much fun! I love the picture of Noah sleeping...he looks so big! I'm slowing down now so let's get some play dates going!:)

  2. yeah, noah looks soo big! he's getting older! sigh...I still remember him when he was just a bulge in your stomach.

    penelope is just adorable! she is so chubby and cute. and i can't wait to see how she turns out..and starts walking etc!!!

    don't forget we needs to meet up, since i got a present for you from taiwan.


  3. I can still hear Noah saying "C'mon daddy....let's go!" and "Ooooo...shark!" There are no words to describe the feeling of seeing your little ones enjoy something so much. What a great day!