Sunday, January 18, 2009

So Darn Cute.

Noah really wanted to play outside the other day. So badly, in fact, that he made his first attempt at putting on his shoes all by himself. Not bad for his first try!

Noah loves jumping from the top of his slide down to the floor. Correction - Noah loves jumping on or off of anything. Here is our little athlete in action.

And here are the spectators.

Penelope wore this to a birthday party yesterday. I'm totally loving the tights. Girls are so much fun to dress up!!!


  1. Noah put on quite a show for his sister Penelope and his pal Penguin. We had so much fun that Friday...he's our little daredevil. Penelope looks beautiful all dressed up for her very first birthday party. They had so much fun. It was another great weekend with my lovely family.